Casa delle Colonne Zero 2010 Fratelli Berlucchi

CASA DELLE COLONNE ZERO Franciacorta Riserva 2010


There isn’t a special formula for Casa delle Colonne Zero: it’s totally inspired by Nature.
What we do is supporting the natural course of action in its long journey from grape to glass, never intervening on anything, to obtain ZERO residual sugar.
This way aroma and flavour are left to play their natural starring role!

Chardonnay 70%
Pinot Nero 30%

Tasting notes
Perlage: extremely small, and long lasting.
Colour: pale yellow with golden reflex
Bouquet: fresh and mature at the same time
Taste: evolved, balanced with toasted note

Alcohol content
13 Vol. %

Reducing Sugars
1.5 g/l

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